Our KA104 Project


This project was conceived due to the realisation of the fact that there is a digital breach in adults regarding access to the Internet and their skills to use digital technologies. Furthermore, we believe there is a profound lack of knowledge of the responsible use of ICTs.

Likewise, the Digital Education Action Plan puts forward two priority actions, which we are going to tackle in this project: «Cybersecurity» and «training in digital and entrepreneurial skills for girls». These two actions are key since the Internet surrounds our students’ life and many of them have little or no academic training. It is vital that students become aware of the risks which involve sharing private information on the Internet, as a means of preventing cyberbullying. For this reason, we are interested in a teaching methodology in which students develop critical thinking and in which they are able to assess safe, relevant and true information. As regards «training in digital and entrepreneurial skills for girls», it is of prime importance to repair the digital breach and encourage social inclusion, laying special emphasis on social groups in disadvantages. In doing so, we are extremely interested in witnessing how other European countries deal with inclusion and digital learning, since new perspectives are needed.


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